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The education program aims to train high-quality human resources with solid knowledge in the joint areas of Optics and Computing, which are able to solve problems that come up in industry and biomedical areas, with a profile towards research, technological development, and innovation.

Our graduate students have the capability and attitude to:

1.     Design and implement hybrid optical-digital systems for the analysis and visualization of images, as well as the optical processing of information.

2.     Generate scientific knowledge applied to the areas of computer vision, biomedical optics, optical metrology, and instrumentation.

3.     Implement optical systems oriented toward the solution of problems in industry and biomedical sciences.

4.     Participate in high-level Ph.D degrees in the different fields of Computer Science and Optics.

The program is directed to international students graduated in one of the different areas related with engineering and sciences, with an average grade from a bachelor´s degree greater than or equal to 8.0.:

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Contact us


  • Calle Ingenierías # 100. Col. Huapalcalco, Hidalgo, México C.P. 43629,
  • Head of Departament:
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Valdiviezo Navarro
  • Phone: +52 (775) 7558202 ext. 1509
  • Email: carlos.valdiviezo@upt.edu.mx